Garden tool maintenance

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I believe one of the main reasons why we have winter is to slow down and refocus. However, it can be soooooooo slow sometimes!

But anyone who gardens or has any knowledge of playing in the dirt knows this is a great time to perform winter maintenance on your garden tools.

So let’s look at a few that might need some of your help.

Shears and Pruners

Both shears and pruners need sharpening if you don’t want hack marks on your gorgeous bushes and grasses. Those rose bushes will be screaming if you don’t sharpen your tools!

You can find the best sharpener here. Some people prefer a file while others prefer an actual knife sharpener. Either way, the goal is to make those bad boys sharp enough they cut through branches and such.

Hedge Trimmers

Check the electric hedge trimmers too for broken teeth and oil the chain so keep the machine running smooth! Also check the electric cord for any nicks. It would be terrible to have a jolt of electricity kill those gorgeous boxwood bushes because you fried them. Oh and it would be terrible for you too!

Shovels, Rakes, and Pitchforks

Now let’s take a look at tools like the shovels, rakes, and pitchforks. Oh my! You want to make sure the heads are firmly attached to the poles. If not, try to secure them or buy a new tool. You don’t want one of those heads flying off the next time you use them. ;)

Take my advice, it was out of experience that maintenance was implemented.

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