5 Tools for Gardening

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I don't know about you but I need all the help in the garden! Here are 5 tools for gardening that might help make gardening easier for you.

1. Gloves

You need both leather and rubber gloves. I’m not one to want uncovered hands for the fear of critters taking a bite out of my hands. At least with gloves, I get a little warning so I can either move them or dispose of them. Also most of us don’t have calloused hands to prevent us from splinters, cuts, and bites.

Leather gloves come in handy when you are pruning a rosebush with thorns or removing rough tree stumps. They are an added protection for delicate hands.

Rubber gloves help you handle delicate seedlings and flowers. You also can get them wet, if needed.

2. Kneeboard

As I get older, my body reminds me often that I’m not a spring chicken anymore. So that’s where the kneeboard comes in handy. This thing has saved my poor knees from a multitude of rock and dirt-clot piercings.

3. Rubber Boots

To be exact, rubber boots. Rubber boots have saved my feet from the sloshing of mud and random dog “gifts” scattered in the yard. They also keep my feet clean and dry. These can be used after a good soaking rain or when it’s cold outside.

4. Flip Flops

Sandals might be an odd thing to wear in the garden, but I’m not talking about fancy sandals you’d wear with your best Sunday church clothes. I’m talking about an old pair of flip flops. Ones that you don’t care if they get muddy, wet, or dirty. I usually wear them in the summertime when I can easily clean my feet with the water hose.

5. Trash can

The final necessary supply for the garden is a trash can. You don’t want to throw your weeds into the compost pile, or you’ll end up with a huge pile of breeding weeds, which completely defeats the purpose of golden dirt. So you need a nice handy place to put those weeds after you’ve pulled them. Also using a trash can while you trim bushes helps keep the area free of debris so the chances of injury are reduced. I like keeping a trash can around because it helps minimize my treks to the dumpster. Lord knows this that’s not a place to hang out!

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