Hi! I’m Misty. My family and I live in the Texas Panhandle (Zone 7a). 


As an adolescent, I grew up in the country. This is where my love of the outdoors started. We had farmland all around us and a big acre garden. My dad farmed the land and my mom worked the garden for the local farmer’s market. At one point, we had a small orchard of wild plums. I still remember how those plums tasted, and they definitely taste better than the store bought ones. 


I love hanging out in places that have growing and thriving flowers and plants. I love reading the labels and seeing all the details about the flowers and plants. My mind races with ideas of where I could plant them. Finding plants, flowers, and trees that’ll survive and flourish in the Texas Panhandle is my passion.


It’s also my passion to share my knowledge with you so you can learn how to apply tips and tricks about gardening. I hope you come along for the ride!

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