Vacation Packing Tips: Step 2 of 3

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Just in case you missed it, here is Vacation Packing Tips: Step 1.

Let’s review what we have so far. In Step 1, we covered the step-by-step process of a vacation packing list working for you. Today, in Step 2, we are going to start putting action to the packing list.

Step 2:

First-things-first. Do all the laundry. This guarantees clean clothes to choose from for packing.

Now that the laundry is folded, grab your Packing Lists.

You will need the following:

  1. One piece of luggage per person. Make sure the luggage is big enough to include all shoes    (page 1 of the packing list).
  2. One large bag for toiletries (page 2 of the packing list).
  3. Cooler for perishable groceries (page 3 of the packing list).
  4. Bags or collapsible crates like these for non-perishable groceries (page 3 of the packing list).
  5. Bags for additional items on the “Other” list (page 4 of the packing list).
  6. Bags for pets (page 4 of the packing list).

Now decide what piece of luggage each person is taking. In our house, we all have our own piece of luggage. Sometimes, I share with Booger but it all depends on where we are headed and how many outfits we need to take. I will show you how to pack as if you are traveling by car.

If traveling by air, check out the TSA website for specific guidelines on what you can and can not travel with on an airplane.

Let’s put everything together!


Page 1 of the Packing List:

  • Open each one piece of luggage for each person.
  • Kid’s luggage: Since you’ve followed the directions on how to pack kids clothes for vacation, we will start with packing them first. This will be the easiest. Place filled gallon bags and shoes in luggage and zip shut. How easy is that!
  • Adult luggage: If you followed the how to pack adult clothes for vacation, you have simplified this process as well. Lay shoes flat in the bottom of the luggage. Now place rolled clothes on top. Don’t forget to add the under-garments too. Zip the bag and you are finished! Again how easy is that!


Page 2 of the Packing List:

You will need a large bag for toiletries. We bag all of our toiletries individually in zip-lock-type bags because of the potential for exploding bottles. From experience, having to clean up an entire bottle of shampoo or lotion when you get to your destination is not a fun way to start the trip. So grab a box of quart size bags and a box of gallon size bags. Start going down your packing list and add to the bag. Add all the bagged toiletries to the large toiletry bag and you are finished. If you need to wait to pack a few last minute toiletries until the day you leave, make sure to add it to the “Day Of…” list so you don’t forget them.


Page 3 of the Packing List:

We are going to need coolers and bags or collapsible crates. We will wait to pack the perishable items until the day of departure. So grab the crates. Place the heaviest items in first then place lighter items on top. Because you made a list ahead of time, you cut your packing time down to a few minutes. Make sure to add recipe cards and menu to the crate as well.

On the day of departure, you will pack the coolers. Before you throw it all in there, place all packages of food in gallon bags like fruits, cheese, packaged meats, etc. This prevents any water or ice from ruining your food. After everything is bagged, place bagged ice or ice packs on bottom. Then on top of that place largest and heaviest items on the ice. On top of heavy items, place the more light weight items. Add this to your “Day Of…” list so you don’t forget them.


Page 4 of the Packing List:

You will need two bags. One for Other and one for Pets.

  • Other bag: Some of the items on this list will not be bagged for obvious reasons like lawn chairs, coolers, a flat of bottled water, pet kennels, etc. So bag what you can and gather everything else into one place.
  • Pet bag: We have a large dog and a small dog. Both dogs are kenneled. We break down the large dog’s kennel and he rides in the seat of the car like a person. It’s quite comical! He is like having a third kid in the backseat. The small dog rides in her kennel because she is nervous by nature. The pet bag we use is the large dog’s food container. I add in the little dog’s food, bowls, medicines, etc.


Now that you are almost completely packed, you are ready to tackle the Day of Departure!

Here is Vacation Packing Tips: Step 1 in case you missed it!

Vacation Packing Tips: Step 3

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