Top 10 Evening Routines

Top 10 Evening Routines

The best way to daily organization is to simplify the morning craziness. In my house, Earl and I both work full-time jobs so it is critical we stay organized. Here is what we do every night before we go to bed. Free printable here!

  1. After school, craziness!! Junior and Booger both have compartments for their backpacks. Thanks to IKEA for this organizational white Kallax shelving unit and white Lekman boxes . If its winter, they hang their jackets and coats on the provided hooks. Then they place their school papers on my desk and their lunch boxes on the kitchen counter.
  1. Prepare dinner while children start homework.
  1. After dinner, lunches are made and placed in lunch boxes and put in the refrigerator, if necessary. Think about the next day’s breakfast and dinner. Ask yourself – do you need to defrost anything for dinner? Clean up kitchen including washing the dishes and sweeping the floor.
  1. Bathtub time! After everyone is squeaking clean, wipe down the bathroom, hang towels, and put dirty clothes in the basket.
  1. Start a load of laundry.
  1. Set clothes out for the next day including under-garments and shoes. Words of wisdom: finding shoes the night before will save a headache and a few tears from trying to find them during the mad rush in the mornings.
  1. Spend intentional time reading to your kids. According to the Children’s Reading Foundation, reading 20 minutes a day with your kids creates a proficient reader by the third grade. All the more reason to read, read, read! This is a good time to help them study and go over the papers from school. (link to Children’s Reading Found)
  1. Pick up hotspots. These are places where items collect over time and pile up making your house look cluttered.
  1. Switch laundry from washer to dryer. Fold as soon as it comes out of dryer.
  1. Relax by taking a long hot bath or reading before bed. Jump in bed at a reasonable hour.

Bonus: Always! Always! Take the opportunity to hug and kiss your loved-ones. You will miss them when they are gone from this world.


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