Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry Room Renovation

A few months ago, my husband and I were looking at a house for sale. The house was listed for too much money for the lengthy list of renovations it needed including a major foundation overhaul. We decided to forgo the thought of selling our house and made a list of wants to update our house. We started with my closet. Let me explain this closet. We have lived in our “temporary” home for 14 years, and it is a small house. With four people living in a two bedroom house, every room, including closets, have to be multi-purposed. Even though my closet is separate from my husband’s closet, it is my main clothes closet, utility closet, laundry closet, and coat closet. To say the least, this is the definition of a multi-functional closet to the nth degree.

Before layout2CW

We decided to start here because it was a mess. You can tell by the before pictures that the walls were sponge painted green. Don’t judge. I had a wild hair many years ago and painted it this horrible color. What was I thinking!?!? Then a few years ago my laundry soap fell off the shelf and stained the carpet blue. Needless to say, this is by far the worst room in the house. That was all about to change. I had a vision. Thanks to Pinterest’s many ideas for closet renovations. I’ve fallen in love with the grey and white color scheme. To me, it says, “fresh and clean” and I was running with it.

My husband has a lot of connections in the contractor’s world, which plays well in our favor. He asked his flooring contact the cost on installing a scrap piece of carpet in the closet. The beautiful thing is that the flooring guy did not charge us the scarp piece of carpet and only charged us for the install. With the carpet install scheduled a week out, we stripped the closet of everything. First step was to cut out some old pipe. Then we patched and replaced pieces of the drywall, filled in holes, and floated the drywall with mud. After the mud was dry, we painted the walls a Sherwin Williams color called useful gray, and the ceiling and trim were painted white. It was starting to look ten times better and we were excited about seeing progress. After the carpet was installed and the washer and dryer were reinstalled, we repurposed a shelf to fit above the washer. We also decided to cull through our coats and place them in our respective closets therefore eliminating the need for a coat closet.

After layout2CW

Even though the whole process took us a couple of days, the pay off has inspired us to continue our vision with the rest of the house. I now go into my closet and stand there in awe. I love my new organized and clean closet!

Here was the budget break down for the closet: Grand total: $210

-carpet install: $125 (contractor’s price)

-bifold doors: $50

-shelf hardware: $10

-grey paint: $25 (contractor’s price)

-white paint: $0 (previously owned)