My First Quilt

first quilt6CR

When my husband’s grandmother passed away a few years ago, we inherited a hand full of unfinished quilt squares. They sat in our closet for years. So last year, I had a wild hair and wanted to complete it for my mother-in-law. The quilt squares were from her mother so I felt like she deserved something to remember her by.


first quilt2CR

Here is the design and order of the squares with coordinating fabrics for the back of the squares. Each square was hand sewn and not a perfect square. Considering this was my first quilt, I decided that using the quilt-by-the-square method would be the easiest. I have since then used the traditional method of quilting and I really like the quilt-by-the-square method the best.



first quilt5CR

I quilted each square then connected them with little pieces of sashing. Then I connected each row with a piece of sashing with quilted solid rows. It was a lengthy process and the quilt was the size of a king bed spread. It was a large project for my first quilt but after the binding was completed, I felt like I could finish any size quilt I decided to tackle. Follow my quilting board on Pinterest!




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