How to Pack Adult Clothes for Vacation

After you figure out the numbers, put together each outfit including undergarments and socks. Set aside the outfits. Remove one outfit for travel so you will know what to wear the first day.

There are a couple of options for packing adult clothes.adultclothing2

  • gallon bags
  • rolling the clothes


Now for packing. We are going to roll each set together. For example: fold pants in half then in half again. Then place a half-folded shirt on top of the pants. Then place all undergarments on top of the shirt towards one end. Starting at the undergarment end, roll until you can’t roll anymore. adultclothing3Now place in a gallon bag or leave them rolled. One outfit down and many more to go. Roll the pjs together or separate.


This way of packing can also be used for camping trips, beach trips, or anywhere that is sandy and dirty. Bagging clothes will help keep your organized and the clothes clean.


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