College and Family

College and Family

For those mommas who want to go back to school, I’m here to tell you that it can be done. Here is a little bit about my story on continuing my college education.

Growing up, my parents didn’t push for us to pursue a higher education. My dad dropped out of high school, and towards my middle and high schools years, my mom went back to school. After eleven years, she finished with her Master’s in Psychology as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She was the first in her family to go to college and graduate. I am so proud of her. She is a great example to follow.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve never known what kind of teacher; I just knew I wanted to teach. So after high school, I tried to pursue college and hated it. My heart was not in it. Around that time in my life, I was planning a wedding and buying a house. So life was turning in a different direction and college was not on the priority list.

Fast forward a few years and my desire to go to become a teacher surfaced again. I tried one class while working full-time and that was all that happened. After I had Booger, I had the privilege of staying home with her. During that time, I dove back in to school full-time. I was then offered a position as a Teacher’s Assistant at Junior’s school so I’ve again put college on hold. To finish college has and will be a deep desire of mine. One day I will walk down that aisle, even if it takes me another 25 years.

Here are some steps for you to take to start and/or continue college.

  1. Go to FAFSA to see if I was eligible for student grants then fill it out. A little is better than nothing.
  2. Check out the local college and/or university. Studying at a local college will help you receive more college for the money. A university is typically more expensive than a local college. Go with what is available. Fill out all necessary forms.
  3. Find scholarship money. Scholarships are free money. Most colleges and universities have a list of available scholarships. Fill out as many as you can that apply to you.
  4. Online classes vs on-campus classes. I opted for online classes because they fit better into my schedule. But I also took a few on-campus classes too. Both were great for me.

Words of Wisdom: If you are thinking of pursuing a college degree, finish it before you get married and have your beautiful children. It is really difficult but not impossible to find time to focus on both.

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